4 Tips For Keeping Your Home Cooler In The Summer

When the weather begins to turn hot and humid, the last thing you will want to do is to suffer through it. The only relief you may get during the hottest summer months is by having the air conditioning in your home turned up high. However, there are specific things you can do that can keep the temperature in your home down and cause you to rely less on your air conditioner. By knowing specific tips you can use to keep your home cooler, you can enjoy a more comfortable summer.

Tip #1: Close the blinds

Keeping the blinds closed during the day can help keep your home cooler.  The heat of the sun can increase the temperature in your home if you leave these open all the time.

Be sure to close completely the blinds before you leave for work each day to prevent your air conditioning unit from running as frequently.

Tip #2: Turn on the ceiling fans

Keeping the air circulating in your home is an ideal way to keep the entire house cool. If you have several fans in your house, you will want to be sure to keep these running when the temperatures outside are soaring. 

Tip #3: Change the air filter

One of the least expensive and easiest things you can do is to keep the air filter in your home changed. Studies show that it's ideal to put in a new air filter at least once every month or at least check it and see if it does need changing. Doing so can help to keep the air conditioner producing cooler air.

Some of the factors that will affect when to change the filter may include the number of people living in the home if there are any pets in the house and the amount of dust that gets inside the home.

Tip #4: Close off rooms

If you tend to stay in one part of the house more so than others, you may want to keep certain rooms closed off daily. This will allow the rooms you do live in more to remain cooler.

It's ideal to keep your home cool and to invite when the weather outside is not. There are specific things you can do that will help you accomplish this task. However, be sure to rely on the expertise of your HVAC contractor, like Dependable Air Conditioning Co Inc, if you have any issues with your air conditioning unit that you can't fix.

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