Is An Inverted Air Conditioner Right For Your Home?

Air conditioners take the air inside a room and cool it by passing it through and throwing it back into the room. An inverter gives the compressor power when it needs it and backs off when it doesn't. It's able to adjust itself accordingly while the compressor continues to run at all times. The reason this is different from standard air conditioners is because they cut the compressor on and off each time instead of giving power and lessening power, which is why they use more energy.

What are the Benefits of an Inverted Air Conditioning?

There are several benefits to using an inverted air conditioner, including the fact that they are less expensive to run. They cool off a room very quietly and faster than other types of air conditioners. Another benefit of the inverter is that it can also be used as a heater so it can be used all year long. The inverted air conditioner will only use the amount of power it needs to keep a stable temperature in the room and does a good job of staying consistent. This is good because it keeps the room at an even temperature without fluctuating to the point that you have to grab a jacket and then throw it off an hour later.  

The installation is quick there's no need for any duct work to be put in because it doesn't use it. Inverted air conditioners are also great at keeping out harmful particles because of their great filtration systems. Keeping dust and mold out of your air is an easy way to keep your family healthy.

The Cons of an Inverted Air Conditioner

There are some cons to using an inverted air conditioner. While it does save money in the long run on electricity, it's more expensive to buy. It has a cooling process that does take longer than a central unit, but still beats out most other models. Inverted air conditioners have more parts than other models, meaning they are costlier to repair when they break down.

Things to Know

It is important to buy the right-sized inverted air conditioner for the room or it won't be effective. It's going to work properly for the size room it's built for. Inverter units are new to the market, so people are a little wary about purchasing them, but once you know the details you can decide if it's the right choice for your home. The inverted air conditioner is placed in the wall of the room you want to cool, and they blend in well without sticking out the way a window unit would.

Inverted air conditioners are great for people who live in homes without duct work who look for ways to save energy and money. If you're researching air conditioner units, then an inverted one is definitely the greenest choice. Visit for more info.

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