2 Refrigerator Issues That Can Drive Up Your Energy Bill

Many people consider the refrigerator the most indispensible of all home appliances. Yet, while it's normal to value your fridge, that's no reason to pay more than you should to keep it running. If you would like to gain new knowledge about how to reduce the energy costs related to your refrigerator, read on. This article will bring to your attention two ways your fridge may be driving up your electricity bill.

The condenser coils have become dirty and dusty.

A refrigerator is a relatively simple system. It achieves its cooling power by using a super-cold liquid refrigerant to suck up unwanted warmth. In order to keep the cycle going, the refrigerant must then be brought back down to its original temperature. This task is accomplished by the condenser.

Here's where things get a little tricky. In cooling off the refrigerant, the condenser itself generates a lot of heat. In order to keep this heat from affecting performance, this heat has to be displaced. This is accomplished by a series of coils on the back of underside of the fridge.

Unfortunately, those coils tend to get quite dirty over time, making it more difficult for your refrigerator to keep itself cool. That means the condenser will have to be on for a much greater portion of time--thus driving up your energy bill.

Keeping condenser coils clean is an easy and effective way to keep your fridge running well. They can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate attachment. Likewise, a special cleaning brush will make the task a breeze. More stubborn dirt and grease deposits may need to be tackled with a rag and soapy water.

The refrigerator isn't full enough.

It may be hard to believe, but an empty fridge consumes more energy than a full one. That's because every time you open the door, some of the cold air from inside the fridge escapes. Empty fridges are at an increased risk of such loss because they contain a relatively greater proportion of air. In order to recoup this loss, the fridge will have to run more often, and longer.

Cool objects do a much better job of keeping the cold where it belongs--even when the refrigerator door is wide open. If you have a chronically empty fridge, try keeping a stockpile of water bottles in there. You may be surprised to find that your next energy bill is substantially lower. Contact a company like Pro-Staff Mechanical Inc for more information.

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