Should You Call A Plumber Or Fix It Yourself?

Ah, plumbing problems. They happen to everyone sooner or later. Fortunately, some plumbing issues are small enough that they can be fixed even by those who aren't professional plumbers. Others, however, absolutely require the help of an experienced professional. It is very important that you are able to tell "pro jobs" from do-it-yourself jobs. Otherwise, you could end up making a bad problem much worse!

Basic Maintenance: Do it Yourself...Mostly

When it comes to basic maintenance tasks, like tightening pipes and checking for rust and other types of wear, you can generally do these jobs on your own. Look online to find a good plumbing checklist that can walk you through the steps of what to check on, when, and how often.

At least once a year or so, though, it is smart to call a professional plumber to come out and take a look at your toilet, sink, and other plumbing systems. Plumbers have a more trained eye than the average person and can catch any problems or issues that you might have missed on your regular inspections.

Also, during the course of your own routine maintenance, if you do spot an issue or problem you can't handle on your own, that is also a smart time to call in the pros!

A Dripping Faucet: Call a Plumber

Many people live with the annoyance of a dripping faucet. To these people, the problem isn't really serious enough to call in a plumber, but, in truth, if your faucet won't stop dripping and you can't fix it, this is a job for the professionals.

A leaking faucet usually belies a more serious problem with your plumbing system. Plus, all of that dripping is costing you money. You might not think a few drips matter all that much, but just wait until you get your water bill! All of that incessant dripping is not only annoying; it's also wasteful and can end up costing you a lot of money in wasted water.

Reduced Water Pressure: Call a Plumber

Another thing that people tend to live with or just write off as "nothing serious" is a reduction in water pressure. Contrary to popular belief, water pressure doesn't just naturally decline over time.

Usually, a sudden drop in water pressure is due to a clogged aerator or a malfunctioning plumbing system. Give a company that specializes in plumbing services in Bergen County NJ a call for this problem, as well as for any other problems that you can't fix on your own. Remember, ignoring plumbing issues just makes them worse in the long run!

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