5 Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

During the cold winter months, the last thing you want is for your furnace to break down out of the blue. Luckily, furnaces typically show warning signs of a problem before they stop working all together. If you know what to look out for, you can get your furnace repaired before it breaks down so you don't have to be without heat for any amount of time. Common signs that a furnace needs to be repaired include:

Higher Than Normal Utility Bills

After living in a house for a few winters, you can typically estimate what your gas heating bill will be each month. If you receive a bill from your utility company that is much higher than normal, your furnace may be the problem. There are many factors and problems with a furnace that can cause a much higher than normal heating bill-- your best bet is to contact an experienced HVAC services company to examine your furnace as soon as possible.

Yellow Pilot Light

Many people don't give much thought to the color of their furnace's pilot light, but it can be a good predictor of problems. A normal pilot light in a furnace is typically blue-- if you notice that the pilot light is yellow, you should have your furnace checked out. A yellow pilot light often means that there is a problem with how the gas is burning in your furnace, and ignoring the problem can result in your furnace eventually ceasing to run properly.

Poor Air Quality

When a furnace is not in good repair, it can introduce dust, debris, and other irritants into your home. If you notice a decrease in the air quality inside your home, or if you or members of your family experience an increase in asthma problems, allergies, or other respiratory conditions, it may be due to a furnace in poor condition.

Furnace Doesn't Run Properly

A furnace that has a problem turning on and staying on can have a number of issues. While the thermostat in your home may need to be replaced, this problem can also indicate that the pilot light isn't working right, the fan motor is failing, or there is a wiring problem.

Strange Sounds

A furnace isn't a silent appliance, but it shouldn't be excessively noisy. If you hear banging, groaning, or screeching sounds while your furnace is running, it may have a loose belt or another component that needs to be replaced.

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