Great Home Cooling Tips For Central Air Owners

When you start noticing the outside temperature warming up, it's time to get prepared for efficiently cooling your home. There are some steps you can take to keep the house at a comfortable temperature without increasing your energy costs too much. Also, the less your central air has to work to cool your house, the less wear you will be putting on it, and that means fewer repair bills. Read the information here to gain helpful insight into cooling your home.

Postpone the usage of your central air conditioning system

Understand that the longer you can go before turning on the air, the better off you will be. Once you start using the system, it will be that much harder to go without it. Use your fans and open windows on opposite sides of the house during the cooler hours to achieve a nice cross breeze, then shut the house up as it gets warmer to lock in that cooler air. Once this is no longer keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, then you can turn to the air conditioner.

Have the unit serviced before using it

It's a good idea to have an HVAC technician come out to go over the unit before you turn it on. This way, you know that it is in good working order. Also, remember to clean or replace the air filter before you run the system. You should also dust the registers before the system runs so dust doesn't blow throughout the house, which can be irritating to anyone with allergies or asthma.

Shade the compressor

The compressor for your central air conditioning system is located outside of the house. You want to make sure that it is provided with shade when the sun is above it. This way, the sun won't heat the compressor while it is trying to cool the air circulating through it.

Help to promote coolness

You should shut your curtains, make sure any cracks or holes in the house are filled, replace worn weather stripping, install a solar attic fan, put door chimes on any doors that tend to get left open, and consider having double-paned windows installed.

Now that you have gained some knowledge on ways you can help your central air conditioner out with regards to keeping your home cooled comfortably, you can enjoy the summer without it costing you too much on your energy bills.

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