Top Reasons To Have Your Ducts Cleaned Immediately

If you are a new homeowner, you may be wondering about some less obvious ways you should keep in mind to best care for your home. If you have allergies or are sensitive to mold and dust, one thing you may want to consider is having your ducting cleaned out. Here are some reasons why duct cleaning is important for both your health and the condition of your HVAV unit.

Prevent damage: If the filter for your air conditioner or heater isn't changed out as frequently as is necessary, dust can get forced through the filter. This dust then ends up drawn to the heater or cooling unit which is someplace that it shouldn't be. Without duct cleaning, dust may start to accumulate on delicate parts. Eventually, these parts can start to overheat or, in the case of a fan, may no longer be able to move or turn. With regular cleaning, you won't have to worry about premature breakage as a result of accumulated dust.

Eliminate mold: When dust accumulates on an air conditioner's condenser, it will start to accumulate moisture. The dust then becomes a great food source for mold or mildew. You may not smell this mold or mildew, but it can have an adverse effect on your health. In addition to perhaps obvious symptoms like a cough or a runny nose, mold exposure can also cause rashes. If anyone in your household is sensitive to mold or becomes sensitive, then they may experience more serious complications from the mold exposure. Regular duct cleaning, coupled with proper filter changes, can help prevent mold from taking up residence in your air conditioner or the duct work.

Reduce allergens: There can be other allergens besides mold and mildew present in your duct work, and your air conditioner or heater may be doing little more than circulating those allergens around your home. While you may not have a cat or dog, it's possible the previous home owners did. If they didn't do any duct cleaning or forgot to change out the filter on time, this accumulated pet dander may be practically blasted into your face every time you turn on the heater or air conditioner. If your allergy symptoms develop or increase when you move into your new home, look into having the air ducts cleaned to see if that clears up the problem. It could be the allergens circulating in the air that are making you sick. 

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