How To Reduce The Drafts In Your House That Waste Energy

If your home feels drafty and your electrical bills have been rising, then the time has come for you to do some home weatherizing. By properly weatherizing your home, you will prevent outside air from leaking into your house and lowering the efficiency of your home's HVAC system. Plugging air leaks will also help avoid the drafty feeling in your home that makes it feel colder or hotter than it really is. Follow each of these steps today to weatherize your home against energy-wasting drafts:

Install Foam Gaskets Behind Exterior Wall Outlets and Light Switches

If you place your hand against a light switch or electrical outlet on one of the exterior walls of your home and you can feel a change in temperature or a draft, then you should install foam gaskets inside of it. Foam gaskets that are designed for this application are available at your local hardware store and are very inexpensive. Simply remove the face plates, spray foam around any gaps between the wall's sheetrock and the power box, and then install the foam gasket. When you replace the faceplate, you will notice that the draft is gone.

Replace Old Weatherstripping Around Windows and Doors

All of the exterior doors and the windows of your home should have weatherstripping installed on them. You can purchase inexpensive rolls of self-adhesive foam weatherstripping at your local hardware store. Remove any old weatherstripping and apply new in every place where your doors or windows come together with their jambs. The foam weatherstripping will block air from coming into your home around your windows and doors and will greatly cut down on drafts.

Raise Exterior Door Thresholds to Just Below Door Bottoms

If you can see daylight between your exterior doors and their thresholds, then the thresholds need to be adjusted upward. Located on all thresholds are some small adjustment screws. Using a screwdriver, adjust the threshold plate up until it just barely touches the bottom of your door. Adjusting your door thresholds will eliminate drafts coming in under your home's doors.

Use Heavy Curtains to Help Block Heat Transfer and Drafts

Finally, since windows are a source of drafts and energy loss, you should always keep them covered with heavy curtains. You can purchase inexpensive black-out style curtains where you buy your home's curtains and drapes. This style of curtain has a rubberized material backing that helps to prevent drafts.

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