How Difficult Is It To Add Electricity To Your Disconnected Garage?

For the most part, homes are built with a garage of some sort, and most of the time, the garage will be connected to the house. However, if you move into a property and build a garage after the fact, you will be left getting electrical power to this new property structure. Since relying on an extension cord would be illogical, you'll no doubt be checking out what is involved to run a new line of electricity to a new structure. Here is a look at a few things you need to know about what happens when you hire an electrician to add electricity to your disconnected garage. 

New wiring will be installed from the house to the garage, likely underground. 

When there is a need for power to a structure on a property that already has a main power line coming in, it is more likely that the new wiring will tap into that existing main and not come from a new juncture on the pole. Therefore, new wiring will be run from the house to the garage, and it will likely be run underground in a conduit pipe made of metal for protection. 

A circuit interrupter will be connected inside of your garage. 

A circuit interrupter allows you to shut off all incoming electrical current to a certain area, and installing one inside of your garage will be an important safety measure. If you need to shut down all electricity to the garage in a single switch, you don't want to always have to go back to the house to do it. A circuit interrupter will serve the purpose and be an adequate safety measure to have in place. 

Your house will get a new circuit box or newly designated section of breakers in your existing panel. 

If there is room in the electrical panel for new breakers to control the different components in the garage, new breakers will be installed there. However, if there is not enough room, you will probably get a smaller breaker box installed near the existing one that will house all the new breakers. Of course, your electrician may also decide to install a breaker box out in the garage, instead of inside the house, which may be preferable for some homeowners. After all, if a piece of equipment throws a breaker, you're not going to want to trek back to the house to fix it.

If you run into any issues regarding this upgrade to your home, call your electrician for electrical repairs services.

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