Five Home Maintenance Tasks You Probably Forgot This Spring

Spring is just about over, and summer begins on June 21st! If you're like most people, you spent much of the spring cleaning up and completing home maintenance tasks to ready your house for the warmer season. But chances are, you forgot a few things. Here are five often-forgotten home maintenance tasks to squeeze in before spring is over.

1. Vacuum your vents

Your heating vents tend to get dusty and dirty in the spring, since they often sit unused during this season. The dust will be a problem when you turn your air conditioner back on and it blows everywhere! Take a minute to vacuum the dust off every heating vent in your home, and while you are at it, change the air filter so that any dust still floating around gets caught when AC season arrives.

2. Check the thermostat batteries

Here's another heating maintenance task that often gets overlooked. If your thermostat is battery powered, you don't want it to run out of batteries on a hot day, as this would cause the air conditioning to turn off. Change the batteries right now if they are more than a year old, and make sure you have a spare set on hand for future needs.

3. Check the carbon monoxide detector

Smoke detectors get all of the attention because fire departments are great about reminding you to check them often. But if there is a problem with your heat system, oven, or another fuel-burning appliance, you want to ensure your carbon monoxide detector is working at its best. Change the batteries, and if the unit is more than 10 years old, replace it entirely. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly, so this is not a maintenance task you want to forget.

4. Spray the sidewalk cracks

When you're done checking the carbon monoxide detector, head outside and grab a bottle of weed killer. Spray along all of the cracks in your sidewalk. Doing so will save you a lot of headaches later on since you won't have as many weeds to pull or kill.

5. Test the sump pump

The rainy season might be over, but thunderstorms can still bring plenty of rain in the summer. Make sure your sump pumps is prepared for the potential threat. Pour a bucket of water in the pit, and watch to make sure it gets pumped out properly. If not, have it repaired ASAP.

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