What To Do About Smelly HVAC

Are you sick of having bad smells come out of your vents? If you are trying to rid your home of odors, the HVAC system could definitely be a major, but probably not the only source. Smart homeowners can use these helpful tools to help find what part of the HVAC system is causing the odors.

Is it Coming From the Heat or AC System?

The first thing you need to do is run your heat and air conditioning separately to determine if the odor is coming out while either is running. If, you only notice to the odor when your heat is on, then you can rule out anything to do with the air conditioner. But, most homeowners may not realize that the furnace is often connected to the air conditioner. So, if your air smells bad when your air conditioning is running, this doesn't necessarily mean that there is nothing wrong with your furnace. If you have a split air system, the furnace blower is probably what circulates air into your ducts.

So, if your air conditioning is smelly, you need to check your current furnace and your AC unit. If just your heat is smelly, then you really only need to check your furnace. If both are smelly, the problem probably has to do with your furnace for your air ducts. That is, the smell could be somewhere in between the ducts and the furnace.

Getting Rid of the Smell

It doesn't take that much effort to find the source of the smell, but it can be a pain trying to get rid of it. For instance, if you have mold growth within your ducts that is causing odor, it could take a very thorough professional cleaning to get all the odor out.

Duct cleaning will also sanitize the inside of your air ducts so they are less likely to form mold in the future. One very common issue with dirty ducts is that the inside of the registers get so caked with mold buildup that the only feasible option is to replace them completely. Usually, changing out your air registers is as simple as going to the store and buying replacements that are the right size. But, the project becomes much more complicated if you happen to have custom-sized registers that need to be professionally made. If you do just have generic air registers, it is probably easier and faster to just replace them, rather than trying to clean them if they are extremely dirty. Most registers will cost less than $10, so it is a quick and cheap replacement.

Contact a professional for help addressing problem with your furnace, air conditioning unit, or heat pumps

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