3 Tips for Ensuring the Dogs in Your Boarding Kennel Stay Safe & Cool This Summer

If you operate a dog boarding facility, making sure that the dogs that are kept in your kennel are kept safe should be one of the main things that you are worried about. You're likely concerned about this is during the summer months because the dogs under your care could be at risk of heat stroke or other heat-related problems. To make sure that the dogs in your boarding kennel stay safe and cool this summer, follow these tips.

1. Have Air Conditioning Repairs Done Promptly

First of all, it's important to make sure that air conditioning repairs are done promptly if there is something wrong with your kennel's air conditioning unit. It probably will not take long for your dog boarding facility to get really hot if the air conditioning system stops working on a hot day. Not only can this be uncomfortable for the dogs and humans in the facility, but it can be dangerous, too. Visit websites such as http://www.robinsonheatingandcooling.com/ to contact contractors to take care of necessary repairs.

2. Make Sure They Have a Steady Supply of Cold Water

It is always important to make sure that the dogs that are boarded in your dog boarding facility have an ample supply of cold, fresh water. However, this is something that is even more important during the hot summer months. Both when dogs are indoors or outdoors, they should have fresh water available to them at all times. Consider mounting the water bowls or choosing water bowls with heavy bottoms so that they cannot be easily turned over; then, you will not have to worry about the dogs being without water without you knowing about it.

3. Provide Plenty of Shade

Naturally, you might turn the dogs who are boarded at your dog boarding facility outside regularly so that they can relieve themselves and get some exercise. During the summer, though, it is important to make sure that the dogs have plenty of shade to enjoy. Putting up a shelter or dog house that they can use for shade is an option. If there are trees in the turn-out area, then they might provide nice shade for the dogs to enjoy, too.

When you run a boarding facility for dogs, it is essential to make sure that the dogs that are kept there are kept safe. Luckily, the steps above should help with this. If you notice that any of the dogs that are in your care seem to be showing signs of overheating, though, make sure that you consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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