HVAC Services By Category, Sub-Category, And Cross-Category

HVAC services is a very large field for any career-minded individual to enter. It is also a business that has so many services for customers to choose from when they need any of the services related to this field. As a customer, you may be wondering just how many different kinds of services HVAC technicians and contractors perform.


The HVAC contractor or technician installs all manner of heating devices, furnaces, and heat generators. He or she makes sure that the fuel sources and power sources for these heating appliances and devices are all properly connected and effectively running. Removal of old devices and appliances to install new ones is also part of the job.

A sub-category of heating is related to the repairs and replacement of parts for all of these devices. If something is not working or requires a new part, the contractor/technician orders it and then makes a return visit to swap out the old part for the new one. Parts or components that have become disconnected by accident are reconnected, too.

Cross-categories of heating duties include commercial heating, industrial heating, residential heating, and boilers or water heaters, both of which use or heat water to function. A contractor/technician may specialize in just residential, just commercial, or just industrial heating, since there is more than adequate amounts of work in special interest areas. He/she may also specialize in more than one area, or sub-contract him/herself out to work with other types of contractors.


Cooling, like heating, includes the installation and/or removal of all cooling appliances. It may also include in the installation of specialty cooling devices, like heat pumps or geothermal air conditioners that require excavation and ground work. The HVAC professional may engage other contractors to assist with particularly large jobs in regards to geothermal units and/or commercial and industrial cooling units.

Sub-categories of cooling include commercial and industrial refrigeration and cooling, such as walk-in refrigerators for restaurants and cryo-labs. The contractor/technician may have extra credentials to address the special repair and installation needs related to these more unique situations. Additionally, some contractors/technicians are able to repair residential refrigerators and freezers.


Ventilation helps channel cooled and/or heated air into a building and circulate it. Without adequate and proper ventilation, heated and cooled air cannot do its job. As a contractor, the HVAC professional may install hundreds of feet (or yards) of ventilation and duct work in a single commercial building. As a technician, he/she repairs the duct work and ventilation and may alter it as needed when new heating or cooling appliances are installed.

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