3 Secrets Your Commercial HVAC Contractor Wants You To Know

Repairing your building's heating and cooling system can often be frustrating and expensive. While residential HVAC issues are rarely cheap to resolve, the problems that plague major commercial structures are often an order of magnitude more serious. If you aren't an HVAC expert yourself, then both the causes and remedies for these issues can seem mysterious. Although working on heating and cooling systems is highly skilled work, there are still a few basic facts that you can learn to help you better understand why problems happen and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Your Contractor Doesn't Want Your HVAC System to Fail

Problems mean more work and more money for your technicians, right? While that may be technically true, most contractors would prefer that the systems they work on function as efficiently and reliably as possible. No piece of machinery is perfect and unforeseeable issues will inevitably develop, but proper maintenance can help to keep your system from failing in unexpected and expensive ways. The maintenance and inspection schedule that your HVAC technicians provide you with isn't just an excuse to charge you for more work; it's a plan that will help to save you money over the long run by avoiding preventable failures.

2. Those Maintenance Records Are Important

Maintenance, repair, and replacement records can quickly build up and become overwhelming in a large building. After a while, it can be easy to wonder whether you really need to keep a record of work that was performed months or years ago. While it can be tempting to ignore good record keeping, these records can be the difference between a relatively cheap service visit and an expensive diagnostic process. Having records readily available means that the technicians working on your system will not need to guess about the age or service history of its components. This can potentially save you a significant amount of money on diagnostic fees.

3. Cheap Repairs Are Expensive

The HVAC system for a small, residential home is a complex beast. The HVAC system for a large commercial structure is significantly more difficult to deal with. Going with the lowest bidder for repairs or upgrade work can often mean that the work is done improperly, leading to problems that can be difficult to track down and that may cost you more in utility and repair bills in the future. A seemingly simple issue such as improperly sized ducting can drastically increase cooling costs and even lead to expensive components such as AC compressors wearing out. When having any sort of HVAC work performed on your commercial building, it will always pay to work with experienced professionals.

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