Want To Keep Your AC Running? Follow These Maintenance Tips

When the summer hits and the temperatures rise, you want to know that your air conditioner is ready to go. Your air conditioner will function better over the years if you manage the unit properly and have the unit maintained professionally. There are maintenance tips you can follow on your own that your air conditioning maintenance crew can teach you about so your AC unit stays in great shape between service months.

Here are some easy tips to follow to make your air conditioner maintenance efforts easier to accomplish. All major repairs and services should be done by your air conditioning maintenance crew; none of your major repair needs will be replaced by basic at-home maintenance.

Clean the air filter regularly

Your air conditioner is designed to filter the debris in the air and let only clean air into your house. As a result, your air conditioner may have pieces of hair, dust, and other debris stuck to it that can prove to be detrimental in helping the unit stay ventilated. Clean the air filter on your air conditioner regularly, and make sure the exterior parts of the unit are wiped down and kept clear of debris and moisture to help keep the unit in its best condition.

Keep the temperatures steady

While your air conditioner is designed to keep your home cool, the unit works best when operated on a steady temperature. When you let your air conditioner fluctuate in its set temperature either by changing it manually or setting the main temperature too low, your AC unit will turn on and off more frequently than it should, which can wear out the appliance sooner than it should.

Irregular home temperature settings can also be detrimental to your energy costs, so keep this in mind when setting your air conditioner to a temperature you are comfortable with. Your air conditioning maintenance crew person will be happy to help you understand how the thermostat works on your air conditioner and will also assist you in choosing a setting that works best for your home so your AC unit can operate more efficiently.

Clean the ducts

Duct cleaning is essential to having clean and healthy air going through your home when your AC unit is turned on. Your air conditioner will operate best when it's got a healthy airflow, and your household will appreciate having clean air to breathe on the regular. Your air conditioning maintenance technician can clean your home's ducts when the service is needed.

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